Seeking Motivation

Has anyone seen it? Anywhere at all?

Weekly Update

I know, I missed last week's weekly update. And posting at all last week. A mini-vacation to the Dells really threw me off my schedule for a bit. But just a bit. I'm back to my routine and ready to go!

Last night was personal training. Last week, I was still sitting at the same weight I've been at for weeks (216) and my trainer was like, "Why aren't you losing?" Well, Memorial Day had a lot of food and alcohol, and then I went on vacation (I didn't overeat, but I also didn't work out at all)... but also, my body lately has just been holding onto weight and then dropping a ton at once.

Which is what happened this week. Suddenly, I'm down five pounds to 211. This surprised my trainer but I know that's how my body's been working lately. As I mentioned before, just trust in the process, and the scale will eventually reflect that. That's all we can do.

As we were working out last night (leg day, I did about a thousand squats I think...), I asked my trainer if he's seen improvements in what I can do. His response? "You've always been capable of everything I want you to do, you just don't think you are." Which... is a pretty good summary of a lot of stuff in my life, I feel. I think I'm incapable a lot more than I actually am. I'm constantly working on that, but it's harder than pull-ups. (Which we did again on Saturday.) But it was nice to hear that from my trainer. It definitely made me push harder last night and keep going when I normally would've taken a break.

And that, really, is why I pay a trainer a ridiculous amount of money to make me sore all over every week. I know how to work out, I've done it before, but a trainer pushes and inspires me to work harder. So, on a day when I wanted to cancel my personal training (there was a huge Splatoon tournament I wanted to watch!), I'm really glad I went and got that little nugget of inspiration to keep me going this week.

(As an aside, he also made me run three minutes straight, which I haven't done since getting back to the gym, and it wasn't even a struggle at all. So he definitely knows that I'm capable of more than I think!)

Hopefully those words will also inspire some of you, whatever your struggles are. Have a great day!

Weekly Update

Another Tuesday training session has come and gone... so it's time for an update! Last night was a legs/cardio workout, which was good because I had a make-up session on Saturday where we did arms and I was still sore from that! Another battle with the stairmaster, and then we did a lot of work on the treadmill. Have you ever ran at 10% incline on the treadmill? Because that is one of my trainer's go-to cardio workouts and it is hard. The good part is that when I start running the flat streets of Chicago, it'll be way easier!

We also did my weekly weigh-in, which was up, because I ate a lot over the holiday weekend... I'm not stressed about it. I know it'll balance out, and my body fat percentage stayed the same anyway so there's nothing to worry about. In addition to the weigh-in, we took my measurements. I don't have the exact numbers (I need to ask him to send them to me, or remember to take my own measurements at home), but everything went down slightly in the past month. And more than slightly, I lost 2 1/2 inches on my waist and 2 inches on my hips! So yay!

In addition to the trainer, I spent some time this past week in the pool... It felt good to get in there and do a solid 45 minutes of laps. I love swimming and I'm so glad I'm getting back to it! My pace isn't as good as it used to be, but... well, I just have to stop comparing myself to the self of three years ago! 80 seconds for a lap is my standard right now and I can work on improving that.

In addition, this weekend I will be getting a lot of pool time... because it's vacation! I'm headed up to the Wisconsin Dells for a tournament and some waterpark action. I plan on spending a lot of time in the pool (and the fitness center), so next week I'll have an update about how I hopefully stayed active during my vacation. That's my goal for the next week. What are your goals for the next week?

Weekly Update

Well, another personal training session has come and gone... well, the soreness isn't gone yet... but that's okay! It's a good soreness, right? Right! It means I'm pushing myself! After a couple weeks away due to sickness and scheduling, I knew Tuesday's workout would be rough. But I welcomed it with exuberance and tackled the challenges my trainer set for me. And what challenges they were! First, he started me out on the stair climber... oh, the one cardio machine I've never touched at the gym. I know, I know. I just have never thought I'd enjoy it, like I do everything else. And you know what? I was right. The stair climber? Not an enjoyable machine. It's hard and boring. But you know what else? I'm going to keep at it. The elliptical and the bike aren't challenges for me. I enjoy them, but it's easy to adapt to them as my fitness levels get back to where they were. But the stair climber? Well, not wanting to do something means that you probably should. So I'm going to conquer it. It might take a year before I feel comfortable on the thing. But I'll get there.

After cardio, we did weights... it was leg day! And back, I suppose, as I did squats as well. I squatted 70 pounds! That's the most I've ever done! See, my muscles are still here... somewhere... underneath all the fat.Then we did leg curls and extensions on some machines, a pyramid workout that was really hard, and my trainer was excited to finally get some extreme facial expressions out of me (usually I have a stone cold game face when I'm doing a difficult workout). Then I had to walk downstairs and my knees wobbled on the way down, haha, that was fun. And it's two days later and going up/down stairs is still a source of soreness! So it was a really great workout!

I've got a make-up session on Saturday, so that's twice this week, woo! Can't wait to see what torture he puts me through for an arms workout.

To finish off this post, I got a new bathing suit! And I look pretty decent in it!
quick snapshot while I gamed last night
Sure, it's not the super cute swimsuit I had a few years back for aqua aerobics, but it fits, it's functional, and it looks nice. What more could I ask for? So, I won't be able to make it to aqua aerobics this Saturday (because I have personal training at the same time), but I'm going swimming tonight and I'm excited to get back into the pool!

How's your week been going? Anything exciting planned for the holiday weekend?

Just Did It: A Follow-Up

Despite yesterday's post saying I was going to go to the gym and get my workout done even though I didn't feel like it, I still spent most of yesterday trying to convince myself to go. In fact, I was in the locker room and still like, "I could just go home..." Terrible, right? The motivation just wasn't there yesterday.

But I did it. And you know what? I'm glad I did. It was the first workout since being back that I felt like my old self. Not that I'm back at that fitness level yet, but that I could do my current level of workout without feeling like I won't make it. I felt good. I even increased the levels on the elliptical and bike by a significant amount and still felt good. I was sweating, but I wasn't losing my breath. My lungs have adapted, and that's great. That's probably the biggest hurdle I had.

It's showing in other ways, too. I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down another two pounds, which makes 10 total (!). Official weigh-in isn't until tonight at the personal trainer, and it might be up more from eating all day, but still. It was good to see that number on the scale. In addition to that, I went clothes shopping this weekend and fit into (and bought) a skirt that was a size down.

I've still got a ways to go, but I'm on my journey, and that's exciting. I haven't lost enough for anyone else to notice, but I know, and it's encouraging. And this weekend, I'm going to go out and buy a mirror so I can start doing progress pictures, since those are my favorite way to look back on my progress.

Personal trainer tonight, and I can't wait! The motivation is back!